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Services / Renovation

There are six major reasons that facilities decide to renovate: health and safety issues, needed repairs, modernization, reduction of operating expenses, community requirements or code compliance.  Whatever your reason, our team will work with you to identify problem areas, listen to your current needs and provide a professional consultation and proposal that will have your facility looking brand new once again. 


Whether you are looking to refinish your pool surface with new plaster, plumbing, tile, coping, decking or adding new features like bubblers, water mushrooms or LED lighting chances are we have installed it.  Some examples of renovation items:

  • Beach entries, sun ledges, bubblers, spray jets, waterslides

  • Removal and Installation of new plaster

  • Pavers, natural stone, stamped & decorative concrete

  • Heat pumps, variable speed pumps & LED lighting

  • Chlorine generators & automated control systems


Please contact us today for a consultation.


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